Miriam (meerium) wrote in track123456789,

sort of slightly cheating, really

this slightly cheats cause i don't actually have a playlist on my computer (i'm in work and webskiving). i do run a club night though, so i've chosen at random some songs from those playlists, if that's ok? i apologise if i've slightly misremembered things, though hopefully i've remembered them well enough that it doesn't hinder guesswork!

1. i really don't think you see that i'm in heaven when you smile stone roses "standing here", guessed by sarasnarfler
2. somebody, somewhere, tell him it ain't fair
3. i used to try very hard to make friends with everyone on the planet
4. indie boys are neurotic
5. the revolution is happening without your permission
6. down from the sky a dead star will fall for the ugliest angel of them all
7. yeah? well i heard he's bad. mmmmm, he's good-bad, but he's not evil
8. your name is amanda, you look like a panda - so stay away from my man!
9. some believe you dance forever. some believe you never change
10. it hurts when your ego's deflated
11. i still want someone who will watch me grow old
12. we'll go far, we'll name our children after our car
13. she wears doctor marten's and a heavy cross
14. don't ever think you're the only one, when times are tough in your new age
15. safe sex doesn't mean no sex, it just means use your imagination billy bragg "sexuality", guessed by kasku
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