aweszomerth (sinsense) wrote in track123456789,

We're allowed to post before the previous set is all guessed, right?

1. his style is wack, clothes are bad -- nsync: it makes me ill, guessed by _jules_.
2. i'll try not to complain, i know that's a pisser baby -- bush: chemicals between us, guessed by suburban_decay2
3. oh, it's wonderful to have your lips divine combined with mine
4. mommy, can i go out and kill tonight? -- goldenboy and miss kittin: rippin kittin, guessed by jinxremoving.
5. now inside and outside are matching
6. don't touch me, i'm a real live wire -- talking heads: psycho killer, guessed by pescana.
7. all the school kids so sick of books, they like the punk and the metal band -- bangles: walk like an egyptian, guessed by chailash.
8. maybe i didn't see it first but i'm the one who wants it worst
9. i'm only double A but i'm thinkin' triple X. -- peaches: AA XXX, guessed by bachelorettia.
0. the only words i know are 'more,' 'more,' and 'more'
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