a contradiction (harrietwalker) wrote in track123456789,
a contradiction

here you go - 50 incredibly random ones ... good luck!

you've been working all your life
all weekends and overtime
while you're trying to unwind
you can't relate to the leisured life

2// drive - incubus :: finstergrrrl
i can't help but ask myself
how much i let the fear
take the wheel and steer

i'm in the basement
you're in the sky
i'm in the basement baby
drop on by

4// i touch myself - the divinyls :: finstergrrrl
i love myself
i want you to love me
when i feel down
i want you above me

i'll never leave you behind
or treat you unkind
i know you understand

you were young and your heart
was an open book
you used to say
live and let live

you do something to me
that i can't explain
hold me closer to you
and i feel no pain

comes my way sometimes
but i
have got no place to go

9// hey jude - the beatles :: finstergrrrl
to let her into your heart
then you can start
to make it better

10// song 2 - blur :: finstergrrrl
i got my head shaved
by a jumbo jet
it wasn't easy
but nothing is

this is a song that came upon me one night
when the news it had been telling me
about one more war and one more fight

come down to my house
stick a stone in your mouth
you can always pull out
if you like it too much

what'll we learnt here
it love tastes bitter when it's gone
past yourself, forget the light
things look dirty when it's on

14// sonnet - the verve :: sarasnarfler
my friend and me
looking through
her red box of memories

well i don't have much money
but if i did
i'd buy a big house
where we both could live

16// don't speak - no doubt :: sarasnarfler
you and me
we used to be together
everyday together

i've had other options too
but all i want is you
girl your body fits me like a glove
and you shower me with words of love

18// hey now - oasis :: sarasnarfler
i hitched a ride with my soul
by the side of the road
just as the sky turned black

come up to meet you
tell you i'm sorry
you don't know how lovely you are

slapping leather
was devised
during a wild stage in her life

but things just get so crazy
living life gets hard to do
and now we'll gladly hit the road
get up and go if i knew

shut my eyes
feel the colour of you
sink into this ilation
so high so fast

let's kick on back to
the places we know
the path isn't set yet
your life is on show

clever girl
think you are
but you think too much

they made up their minds
and they started packing
they left before the sun came up that day

someone's always telling me
i'm no good
well i don't care what you say

another turning point
a fork stuck on the road
time grabs you by the wrist
directs you where to go

i've been confusing
real life with a dream
dreaming that someday
i'll find all the answers to life

i'm tugging at my hair
i'm pulling at my clothes
i'm trying to keep my cool
i know it shows

i never gave a reason
of why i didn't call
and now i've grown so tired
of lying to myself

how do we get there today
when we're walking too fast
for the price of our shoes

lying in the dark
i know you are awake
i will not give in
i will not give in

if i did not have an ego
i would not be here tonight
if i did not have an ego
i might not think that i was right

a six lane highway
running up to my back door
but it won't take
me where i wanna be

hey boy take a look at me
let me dirty up your mind
i'll strip away your hard veneer
and see what i can find

whatever happened to this room
it used to be so good
and now the days pile of the floor
and rain leaks through the crepe paper we stuck up on the door

old friend of mine
we will never lose the time
that we shared all these years
these years

well you can tell by the way i use my walk
i'm a woman's man
no time to talk

everybody's wearing blue jeans
everybody's got their own scenes
eveybody's lost in daydreams
but everybody's wearing blue jeans

in my happy home
i barely breathe
in my lover's arms
i find relief

hey you
mrs i don't know what the fuck your name is
i'm drawn to you
something's magnetic here

i can't seem to face up to the facts
i'm tense and nervous and i can't relax
i can't sleep because my bed's on fire
don't touch me - i'm a real live wire

tonight's the night
i'm gonna make my true confession
got my courage up
there's nothing that can keep it down now

i've been a bad bad girl
i've been careless
with a delicate man

throw away your television
time to make this clean decision
master waits for its collision now

you're a hard act to follow
such a fine looking fellow
i hear your belly's yellow
you're a hard act to swallow

strumming my pain
with his fingers
singing my life
with his words

see the young man sitting
in the old man's bar
waiting for his turn
to die

daniel is travelling tonight
on a plane
i can see the red tail lights
heading for spain

see him walikng in the park
with a few things on his mind
he's been talking with the ones
with the ones that he loves
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