You're the Reason I'm Leaving (miggins) wrote in track123456789,
You're the Reason I'm Leaving

There's only a few left!! (hint : idiot america, grace)

She was a fast machine
She kept her motor clean
She was the best damn woman I had ever seen
She had the sightless eyes


I saw two shadow men on the Vallance Road
Said they'd pay me for your address
Oh I was so bold
I said you see these two cold fingers


While this town is busy sleeping
All the noise has died away.
I walk the streets to stop my weeping,
'Cause she'll never change her ways.
Don't fool yourself, she was heartache from the moment that you met her.

we talked all night about suicide and she said if this is living how come i never feel alive
first time your there, well it gets you up
second times alright but its just not enough no
it shoots through your veins tears all your love apart


well i told you once and i told you twice
you never listen to my advice
you dont try very hard to please me
with what ya know it should be easy

You know it's generally known
You got everything at home
Kisses out of desperation
Bring you more aggravation

Out of body and out of mind
Kiss the demons out of my dreams
I get the funny feeling thats alright
Jimmy says it's better than air

Now we gonna break this thing down in just a few seconds
Now don't have me break this thing down for nothing
Now I wanna see y'all on y'all baddest behavior
Lend some sugar, I am your neighbour


everybody says that they're looking for a shelter
got a lot to give but i don't know how to help her
i should just let it go til they all learn to grow and how to liberate


I want to breathe I want to grow
I say I want it But I don't know how
I look, I bleed, I beg and pray
I'm better off dead
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#1 is 'You shook me all night long',, ACDC? Argh, I don't know, I only have the Mike Errico cover.
4. Razorlight - Get it and Go
2. Libertines - Up the Bracket
9. Starsailor - Silence is easy

I know a few others but shall let other people have a go!!
I know #5, but it is NOT coming to me. I even waited the whole weekend, but no dice. Bah. When I remember, I will come back and post.
how did no-one get #8?
hey ya by outkast

(unless i am being an imbecile)
at last!!!
#5 is the last time by the rolling stones.
and great icon, btw!
hehe thanks!
10 is Better Off Dead by Radiohead?
Is number 3 Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day?
no...close though!
7 is Green Day - Give me Novacaine